Services We Provide in New York and Connecticut

Grazi 1 Corp carries all necessary insurance and licenses to:

  • Remove your existing oil tank. Underground storage tank, above ground, or inside your home.
  • Install a new oil tank. We recommend an above ground tank, or inside your garage or basement.
  • Legally abandon your existing underground storage tank in the ground. We strongly suggest that you have your tank removed and not abandoned in place.

All of these services we provide must meet town, county and State standards. There are many different codes that vary from town to town. We will make sure that the work to be done follows your town’s codes.

In most cases, we will ask you for a signed letter of authorization, and Grazi 1 Corp. will pull all necessary permits on your behalf. The permits required are all calculated into your estimate.

We will set up and confirm any inspections that may be required in your area for the work that is to be done.



We will supply you with your new tank(s), which will also be included in your estimate, and we will cart your old tank away.

When everything is finished, and payment has been received, Grazi 1 Corp. will supply you with a certificate stating what work has been done, that your site is clean, and that proper care was taken to remove and dispose of your old tank.